Global Change - The Science of Sustainability


Week Date Day Topic Instructor
1 4-Sep Wed Introduction and Goals, Canvas Setup  Badgley
  6-Sep Fri The Anthropocene: A Transformed Earth Badgley
NO Lab Week 1   NO LAB  
2 9-Sep Mon The Big Bang and Fundamental Laws Kling
  11-Sep Wed The Age and Evolution of the Earth Kling
  13-Sep Fri Planetary Energy Balance Kling
Lab - Disc Week 2   "Challenges We Face" - Discussion and Intro to Term Presentations  
3 16-Sep Mon Plate Tectonics Kling
  18-Sep Wed Earth's Climate in Deep Time Kling
  20-Sep Fri Gaia - Does Life Regulate Earth's Atmosphere? Kling
Lab Week 3   Earth's Energy Balance Model  
4 23-Sep Mon Greenhouse Gases and Climate Kling
  25-Sep Wed Aerosols, Radiative Forcing, and Climate Kling
  27-Sep Fri The Fossil Record of Lineages and Ecosystems Badgley
Lab Week 4   Introduction to Stella - Daisy World  
5 30-Sep Mon Processes of Evolution:  Natural Selection Badgley
  2-Oct Wed Processes of Evolution:  Speciation Badgley
4-Oct Fri Evidence for Evolution in Today's World Badgley
Lab Week 5   Natural Selection - The Case of the Peppered Moth  
6 7-Oct Mon HOURLY EXAM #1 (material through 4 Oct) Kling/Badgley
9-Oct Wed The Science of Sustainability Kling
  11-Oct Fri Critical Thinking in the Age of Fake News Kling
Lab Week 6   Ecological Footprint Activity and Assignment  
7 14-Oct Mon Fall Study Break (No Class, Take-home Lab)  
  16-Oct Wed Ecosystems Kling
  18-Oct Fri Microbes: Transformers of Matter and Materials Kling
Lab-home Week 7   Fall Break, No Labs Meet -- Science and the Media (Take home assignment)  
8 21-Oct Mon The Flow of Energy from Primary Production to Higher Trophic Levels Kling
  23-Oct Wed Ecological Communities: Networks of Interacting Species Badgley
  25-Oct Fri Trophic Links: Predation and Parasitism Badgley
Lab   Week 8   Group Project Work  
9 28-Oct Mon
Competition for Resources
  30-Oct Wed
Climate Change and the Ice Ages
  1-Nov Fri
The Blue Planet: El Nino, the Ocean Conveyor Belt, and Climate Change
Lab Week 9   Ice Ages -- Analysis of Vostok Ice Core Data  
10 4-Nov Mon
Climate Models and Predictions for the Future
  6-Nov Wed
Sustainability and the Global Carbon Cycle
  8-Nov Fri Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region Kling
Lab Week 10  
The Global Carbon Cycle
11 11-Nov Mon HOURLY EXAM #2 (material through 8 Nov) Badgley/Kling
  13-Nov Wed Pollutants, Acid Rain, and Sustainability Kling
  15-Nov Fri
The Tropical Rainforest
Lab Week 11  
Group Project Work
12 18-Nov Mon
The Impacts of Climate Change on the Water Cycle
  20-Nov Wed Sea Level Rise and Dangerous Climate Kling
  22-Nov Fri Using Science to Solve Problems: The Case of the Killer Lakes of Cameroon Kling
Lab Week 12  
Climate and Atmosphere - Long-term Climate Regulation
13 25-Nov Mon
Kling Lectures, Exam Review - Take Home Messages
  27-Nov Wed
No Class - No Labs This Week
  29-Nov Fri
No Class - No Labs This Week
Lab Week 13  
Thanksgiving break, No Labs Meet 
14 2-Dec Mon
The Value of Nature's Services
  4-Dec Wed
Diversity over Space and Time
  6-Dec Fri
Human Ecology
Lab Week 14   Student Presentations - rooms TBA  
15 9-Dec Mon The Ecological Footprint of Food and Agriculture Badgley
11-Dec Wed Course Summary and Review Badgley
  TBD Review for Final Exam Badgley
  18-Dec Wed FINAL EXAM 8:00 - 10:00 am (cumulative) in regular classroom  
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